Colleen Ballinger


Surprise! YouTube star Colleen Ballinger – AKA MirandaSings – is newly engaged and expecting her first child with Erik Stocklin.

On Friday, the 31-year-old actress and comedian shared her happy baby news with her millions of followers in an emotional YouTube video.

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“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed about being a mom,” she said through tears. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

In the video, the Netflix star shares the emotional moment in late April where she learned the results of her pregnancy test. Now three and a half months into her pregnancy, Colleen is already showing a growing baby bump.

“I got a bump at eight weeks,” she continued. “I know it’s little. This is my bump and it’s very much showing.”

The sudden changes in her body made it difficult to keep her news a secret, especially while touring the world and making appearances at fan conventions like VidCon!

“I wanted to keep this to myself as long as possible,” Colleen explained. “I wanted to Kylie Jenner all of y’all and let it be just for me … and not talk about it too quickly.”

The announcement video also shares a glimpse at Colleen revealing her pregnancy news to her friends and family – including Frankie Grande, whom she says will be an uncle now.

As for her viral character MirandaSings – who she even starred as in the Netflix series “Haters Back Off” – Colleen hinted that the baby will not stop her from putting on her sloppy red lipstick.

“I have a plan with Miranda … it’ll happen over the next six months,” she explained. “I’m still going on tour, I’m still working, I’m still doing a book tour, I’m still doing a bus tour, I’m still doing my live shows, I’m still doing YouTube videos. I’m still a working woman, I’m just a working pregnant woman now!”