Lady Gaga is starting to sound like a broken record – and of course Twitter noticed!

The “A Star Is Born” star has been on a lengthy press tour since the release of the film, answering question after question about her co-star and director, Bradley Cooper.

So, instead of coming up with a different response each time, the “Poker Face” singer decided to keep things consistent and repeat the same line in reference to her co-star. 

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“There can be 99 people in a room who don’t believe in you, and one who does,” she gushes.

Fans have picked up on the familiar line and have poked fun at the 32-year-old all over Twitter – memes included!

Some even joked that Gaga should use the line in her speech if she is awarded an Oscar for the role.

We can only guess that she uses the line because it closely relates to the plot of the movie.

The fourth remake of the film follows a talented young woman (Gaga) who finds fame after meeting a troubled Rockstar (Bradley). The two navigate through the trials and tribulations that come in the music industry in this romantic story.

The film is the first directorial debut for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s first breakout movie role.

So it looks like “A Star Is Born” and so is her infamous monologue!