Well, here’s a twist that nobody saw coming.

All this time we figured Tristan Thompson was groveling at Khloe Kardashian’s feet, begging her to forgive him for cheating while she was carrying his child.

But according to a new report from Radar Online, Khloe is the one who’s desperate to make this relationship work, despite the many, many signs that it’s time to call it quits.

A source tells the site that Tristan is currently in Los Angeles with Khloe and her familly — and he’s hating every second of it.

“She will not let him leave, telling him that he has months before training season even starts,” says the insider.

Tristan is still in contact with at least one of his side-chicks, and there have been other indicators that he’s eager to return to the single life.

But apparently Khloe has been turning a blind eye to all of them.

It seems Thompson is willing to compromise by allowing Khloe to accompany him back to Cleveland, but she wants no part of that plan.

“Tristan’s more than happy to take True back to Cleveland, but Khloe insists she doesn’t want to go back there for a while,” says the source.

We suppose that makes sense, as Khloe just spent the entire NBA playoffs alone at Tristan’s house while he traveled with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Khloe’s mother and sisters are all in LA, as well as her livelihood, and sources say she’s been desperate to get back home.

But apparently, Tristan is not at all open to the idea of spending his entire summer on the West Coast.

Khloe’s family has been encouraging her to dump Tristan for months, so not surprisingly, they’re totally on board with letting him head back to Cleveland.

“The best thing for the both of them would be space,” the source says, noting that Khloe has been resistant to that idea, as she “wants the family thing so bad.”

Sadly, it seems Tristan is simply not on the same page:

“He feels trapped in this situation and feels Khloe’s using the baby to manipulate him into staying close to her,” the insider claims.

Complicating the situation is the possibility that Tristan might get traded and wind up relocating to a city that Khloe isn’t willing to live in.

We know they have a daughter together, but really — how many warning signs can one couple ignore?