Looks like The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are taking things to the next level! The couple is reportedly shacking up together after he purchased a pricey Tribeca condo in New York City.

Multiple sources have reported that The Weeknd asked the supermodel to move into the $60,000 per month luxury pad shortly after he signed the lease – and of course her answer was a big fat YES!

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The two have supposedly been back-on since May of this year after they were seen kissing at the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, they have romped around coast to coast, posting some very touchy-feely Instagrams.

The couple also spent some intimate time together celebrating Bella’s 22nd birthday on Oct.9 – in which they referred to each other as “baby” enough to seal the deal.

So, this pairing moving in together is anything but shocking! However, both parties spend quite a bit of time at the “Often” singer’s $20 million dollar digs in California’s Hidden Hills he purchased just last year.

Will Bella make the west coast pad home as well? Or will NYC be her home base? Either way, these two are heating up fast and we may have another engagement on our hands.