Danny Roberts is an open book.

“The Real World: New
Orleans” alum revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly that
he is living with HIV.

“The reason I want to share this story is
that I spent so long battling and beating myself up for my own misconceptions
and bigotry,” he told EW.

Danny Roberts

(Getty Images)

“It is
difficult to admit the negative feelings you had about a set of people and
state of being based on made-up stories,” he added.

Danny went on to share that he
first found out about his diagnosis in 2011, and he was in shock when his
doctor told him the news over the phone.

“My first reaction was shock. Then I was
angry, then lots of denial,” he told EW.

early years were very difficult and very lonely. You don’t know whom to turn to
have conversation and people don’t know what to say. It’s not something that
people have experience with,” he added.

Following his headline-making interview, Johnny took to his Instagram story to
share a message of thanks.

I’m really thankful for this year is medicine and a handful of friends who have
been rocks in turbulent waters,” he wrote. “Without the incredible
advances in medicine, I’d likely be gone now.”

“That’s a
scary reality to face…mortality. Thank you all for the support and
outpouring,” he added. “It really means alot in a time when the past
year feel so dark. Happy thanksgiving!”

He also shared
a message from a fan who saw his interview.

update today was something I needed to read at the exact time needed,” the
fan, whose name was hidden, said. “I applaud your strength as I was just
diagnosed yesterday and it’s a weird, confusing, scary, retrospective time

“I really
appreciate you sharing your story because – if nothing else – I needed to read
about you living your life to the fullest,” the fan continued. “Thank
you again for helping me feel not so alone.”

— Stephanie Swaim