The Bachelorette: Men Tell All

“The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” always ends up being the most dramatic episode of the entire “Bachelorette” season when the guys get to finally voice their real opinions and hash out their man problems face-to-face with Chris Harrison playing referee. Naturally, this season was no different and if anything in between the zingers and the haterade between some of this season’s biggest “villains” like  Jean Blanc, Jordan, David and Colton there were a couple profound comments on the status of love — and Becca — in the episode. 

Oh, and Wells’ face throughout the entire night — with his Wooos — every time someone said something offensive might have been the best thing ever. 


Also let it be known that Connor’s glasses  —which made him look super smart tonight — proved what we have believed all along, that this guy was one of the winners the entire season. Throughout the episode he was the voice of reason, and we thank him for that. 

“The wheels fell off. I lost control.” – Chris 

“I’m Mr. Group date guy throughout this whole process. How do you lose your mind? I should have been losing my mind. But could you have gone and saw her? It’s a two-way street. You could have gone out of your way to see her that night.” – Connor in response to Chris’ freakout after Becca didn’t show him attention. 


“Here’s my problem, is that love is a very, very powerful emotion, and I have no respect for anybody that abuses that emotion when they’re in need. And, Jean, you were in need. You were in need.” – Jason in response to Jean’s love comment

“Jordan, you’re a modern day narcissist. You fell in love with yourself… for sure. …a long time ago.” – Leo 

“Are you going to gall in or jump in, David? Of course your’e going to echo Colton.” — Jordan in response to David’s attacks and him agreeing with everyone. 

“This house moved around me. I’m the mouse, they’re the elephant. They’re going to constantly be questioning me for the next 10 years. How did this guy even exist?” – Jordan on why guys are confused by his awesomeness 

“People think I’m less of a man because of it and that’s the hardest thing to hear.”  – Colton on his virginity.