Celebrities are rallying around Geoffrey Owens.

“The Cosby Show” star recently made headlines when
Fox News and The Daily Mail published photos of the actor working at a grocery
store in New Jersey.

But celebrities like Terry Crews and Patricia Heaton weren’t
happy about the reports, and came to the actors’ defense on Twitter.

Geoffrey Owens attends the press launch for FringeNYC 2012 at the New School for Drama on August 7, 2012 in New York City

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swept floors AFTER the @NFL. If need be, I’d do it again. Good honest work is nothing to
be ashamed of,” Terry Crews wrote.

why is this news? When I worked on “Thirtysomething” I was also
summarizing depositions to pay my rent. Why are you trying to humiliate this
honorable, hardworking actor? Shame on you! #geoffreyowens – many great blessings are coming your way!,”
Patricia Heaton wrote.

respect to actor #GeoffreyOwens, who found honest work between gigs. As @FoxNews will tell you, all actors, when
not acting, seal themselves in protein-solution “shame pods” until
re-activated by the Council of Casting. Geoffrey had the courage to stand up to
the Council,” Patton Oswalt wrote.

don’t know #GeoffreyOwens I know this – Almost every successful actor, singer,
athlete or celebrity, is one lucky (unlucky) break away from bagging groceries
themselves. Few would admit it. Fewer humble enough to do it. #RealLife > #FakeLife #TraderJoes > #CosbyShow,”
Donnie Wahlberg wrote.

had been a working actor for years. Jobs stopped, as they do. I worked in
retail. At a flower shop. I passed out flyers. It’s about the work. Work gives
you pride and purpose. Your visibility as an actor never goes away. But the
money sure does. #geoffreyowens,” Pamela Adlon wrote.

“So Fox News shames a man for working at Trader Joe’s because
he was once on a hit TV show? Demonizing hard work while abetting grifters
enriching themselves on tax dollars is a potent stew of hypocrisy and irony.
Maybe we’re unknowing extras in a revival of the Twilight Zone.,” Dan
Rather tweeted.

Justine Bateman shared that Geoffrey
reached out to her to express his gratitude for the supportive responses.

“A special note for the few who are critical of this
post, who insist that “we’re making it worse by spreading the story,”
Geoffrey Owens contacted me directly to express his gratitude for the post and
for all the positive responses,” she tweeted.

played Elvin Tibideaux on “The Cosby Show” from 1985 to 1992,
according to IMDb.

to IMDb, he has worked steadily as an actor, recently starring in “Elementary” in 2018 and “Lucifer” in 2017.

— Stephanie Swaim