Taylor Swift Makes Surprise Appearance At The 2018 Billboard Music Awards!

Taylor Swift reportedly went her separate ways with her backup dancer and friend Toshi after she discovered he made several sexist and inappropriate remarks on his social media accounts. 

Before turning his Instagram account to private, Toshi made jokes about women belonging “in the kitchen” and made “jokes” about sexual assault. PopCrave shared several screenshots of posts he made on social media, some of which are extremely disturbing. In one “joke” he claimed that every girl’s weakness is a van, chloroform, a blanket and the woods woods, suggesting a very dark scenario. 

In another, he “kidded” about sexual assault using an image from a cartoon. 

Fans were completely taken aback by the images and pleaded with Taylor and Big Machine Record label head Scott Borchetta to let Toshi go. 

Taylor reportedly did fire Toshi over the images and offensive messages he was sharing. Access has reached out to Taylor’s team for comment. 

Toshi previously made headlines for setting up a Go Fund Me page for his sick nephew, which Taylor donated $50k towards.

Taylor has not made a statement on her social media accounts. Toshi has set his social media accounts to private.