Niki & Gabi - "Sleep It Off"

Niki & Gabi – “Sleep It Off”

Twin sisters and social media superstars Niki and Gabi DeMartino are two of the top YouTube creators with over 6.7 million subscribers, but now they’re primed to take over the music word.

The duo dropped their latest single – “Sleep It Off” – on Friday, and it’s a perfectly polished, EDM flavored pop track that both fans and new listeners will find to be an instant must-play.

On “Sleep It Off,” Niki and Gabi sing about overcoming a major fight or miscommunication with a loved one, and it’s specifically inspired by their own relationship as sisters.

“This song is all about the rough patches we have had as twins and the hard work we put in to constantly remain mutually supportive and happy for our listeners,” the girls told Access.

“I hope when our fans listen to this song they can look past their differences in any relationship and love people for who they are.”

“Sleep It Off” is the lead single off Niki and Gabi’s debut EP, “Individual,” out July 27. Last year, the sisters released two tracks – “RU” and “FIRST” – which amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify.

Niki & Gabi - "Individual"

Niki & Gabi – “Individual”

Niki and Gabi may be well on their way to pop music stardom, but the sisters plan to continue their reign on YouTube with weekly lifestyle videos to their massively successful channels.

Listen to “Sleep It Off” below!