While Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin has been making waves, Selena Gomez has been quietly teasing her “very honest” new album.

Some feared that seeing her on-again, off-again get engaged just a few months after their breakup would be a devastating blow.

Instead, it sounds like her life is better than ever with him out of the picture.

InTouch Weekly reports that a source close to Selena says that the actress and singer is living her best life now that she’s Biebs-free.

“Selena’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin left her a nervous wreck,” the insider shares.

We can only imagine the impact that his well-documented bad behavior and alleged substance abuse struggles had on her for years.

“Now that she’s accepted that it’s over for good,” the source reveals. “She actually feels relieved to close that chapter of her life.”

The insider continues: “For the first time in years, she feels free.”

“She’s distanced herself from her old Hollywood life,” the source divulges.

“And,” the insider continues, Selena has shifted away from “the fake friends that came with it.”

When you’re a talented, beautiful celebrity, people are going to want to cling to you on the offchance that it could one day benefit them.

Now, the source says, “She only surrounds herself with genuine people who love her for who she is.”

That is good. Your squad should always support you for who you are, not for what you can do for them.

So, in addition to working on her new album (I cannot wait!), what exactly is Selena reportedly up to now that she’s no longer exchanging bodily fluids with Justin?

The insider explains that Selena “spends most of her free time enjoying relaxing dinners or hanging by the pool with pals.”

Well, presumably she doesn’t spend all that much time with dinner. It only happens once a day.

But we get the picture.

“Selena has grown up a lot,” the source adds. “And feels so much more comfortable in her own skin.”

It fills our hearts with joy and peace to hear that Selena has finally been able to put Justin Bieber behind her in a non-sexual context.

We’re not saying that we’re jumping for joy at the idea of Hailey Baldwin, at 21 years of age, linking her life to Justin Bieber’s — potentially for decades to come.

But it is good to see that Selena has outgrown Justin and knows it.

Exes plant their hooks in your heart. Time makes it seem like the bad times weren’t so bad, until all that you remember are the good times. That’s how they get you.

Now, it looks like Selena has moved on. Finally, Justin has no hold on her.

With all of that said, we should say that we’re reluctant to take reports on Selena’s state of mind at face value unless they come from, you know, Selena herself.

Especially when it’s good news, like this is.

We always want to believe that our favorite celebrities are living their best lives.

We will say that we absolutely hope that this is true.

And, again, that we are really looking forward to new music from Selena.