Southern Charm New Orleans. It’s like NCIS: New Orleans, but it makes sense that there’s enough drama there to make a show out of it.

And some of that drama is taking place off screen. Last week, we learned that Jeff Charleston and Reagan Charleston have separated.

Now, Reagan is opening up about that separation — and defending herself against cruel backlash.

Reagan Charleston spoke to the good folks over at The Ashley about how things are with Jeff now that they’ve separated after six years of marriage.

“It’s rare if we go even several hours without talking to one another.”

Wow. There are plenty of non-separated couples that can’t stay the same.

Reagan says that it’s good for both of them to remain in contact.

“We ground each other.”

She says that things are so amicable now because of their separation, not in spite of it.

“We have found balance that was impossible to find before because we were so overwhelmed with each other.”

That is so interesting.

She goes on to emphasize how important they remain to each other’s lives.

“Jeff is my best friend.”

She says that their bond goes beyond that, however.

“He is family.”

And, in addition to talking, they also see each other in person.

“I was with [with him the other day], actually.”

With the announcement of their separation, Reagan had emphasized that they were going to try to reconnect as friends while separated.

Marriage can be a complicated thing, folks. Sometimes you have to back off and do a reset.

On Instagram, Reagan went out of her way to clear up a few misconceptions.

“Team Charleston. No matter what.”

In fact, she’s been getting some very unfair criticism.

“I’m taking a lot of heat for my separation from @jeffcharleston.”

That is so unfair.

“People can call me a gold digger or say I’m bailing because things got rough, but there is much more to our story…”

Don’t pretend to know what’s going on in someone else’s marriage.

Reagan doesn’t get specific, but she does drop a hint.

“Changes that happened after the cameras stopped rolling.”

That could mean anything from constant arguing to a gambling addiction to someone snoring way too much. Okay, probably not that last thing.

“Bottom line: I’m a professional woman who, with my partner, made a decision to make positive changes in our relationship and lives.”

That makes plenty of sense.

“People — women in particular — should be free to re-evaluate their marriages/lives without fear of being chastised, generalized, name-called, marginalized, or degraded. Period.”

She’s absolutely right.

Fans will probably continue to speculate. It seems that they just cannot help themselves.

Some may wonder if Reagan’s recent graduation from law school was a factor, or if the time that she spent away from home during that took its toll.

(And let’s not forget the family drama that we’ve seen on Southern Charm New Orleans)

Some may speculate that a contributing factor was going on a reality show in the first place.

Especially since Reagan said: “Watching yourself on television gives you a unique opportunity to reflect on what’s truly going on in your heart, and also allows you to see what you need to work on as a person.”

But the fact of the matter is that we can only make educated guesses, at this point.

This separation was probably brought on by a large number of factors. Relationships are complicated.

We wish Reagan and Jeff the best as they repair their connection.