As with Jenelle Evans’s previous boyfriends, Nathan Griffith was not exactly a hit with viewers during his time on Teen Mom 2.

But Jenelle has dedicated her life to finding new rock bottoms.

Nathan Griffith, David Eason Split

And that’s how she wound up with David Eason, arguably the worst baby daddy in the storied history of the Teen Mom franchise.

Currently, Jenelle is locked in a custody battle with Nathan, and based on what we’re hearing out of court, things are getting extremely ugly.

Like, “ugly even by Jenelle Evans standards” ugly.

The latest documents have Griffith accusing Eason of punching Kaiser, Nathan’s 3-year-old son with Jenelle.

Not surprisingly, Nathan is less than pleased by these allegations.

And so, he hopes to settle the score with David not in court — but in the octagon:

“DAVID! I begged @mtv to host a mma fight for us and because of you they can’t now. Fighting words?!?!?” Nathan tweeted this week.

Please, I would love to. I want a perfectly legal, conscience [sic] decision (on your part) and good fight.”

Griffith added:

“I know if it’s in a ring, the moment you come at me… Imma clean that clock of yours and then maybe you can think straight!” 

“I know you all would love to start a fundraiser to see this fight. And if you get it together, I know I’ll be there and show up to fight for 

Obviously, this is awesome for many reasons.

First and foremost is the fact that Nathan Griffith wants to kick David Eason’s ass, which he could very easily do.

(Take away his guns and David isn’t such a tough guy.)

But there’s also the fact that Nathan apparently talks like a 79-year-old Korean War vet when he’s pissed off.

(We’re totally stealing “I’ll clean that clock of yours!”)

Yet another reason this situation absolutely rules?

Jeremy Calvert is getting in on the act.

We’ve known for quite some time that Calvert hates Eason, and it seems that just like the rest of us, he wants to see David weep like a frightened child as fists of rage rain down upon his skull.

“Sh-t, I’ll host it,” Jeremy said in reference to Nathan’s fight tweet.

Calvert was among the many who called for Eason to be fired from Teen Mom 2 after he launched a bizarre, homophobic tirade on social media.

And this is not the first time that Jeremy has encouraged Nathan in his ongoing battle against David.

“If Nathan don’t [sic] try to get his kid, I don’t know what to tell that dude,” he tweeted earlier this year.

“I would have already been in court… even if I had to empty my savings account out, I’d go broke.”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how badly David needs to get his ass whupped.