All grown up! The kids from “Mrs. Doubtfire” are still a family after all these years. 

Lisa Jakub, Mara Wilson and
Matthew Lawrence reunited ahead of the beloved film’s 25th anniversary, posing
together for a heartwarming photo alongside a special guest. Their castmate
Pierce Brosnan was also on hand for the get-together on Wednesday, where the
foursome reminisced about their lasting bond.

In a sweet video clip, Pierce held up a throwback photo from the “Mrs. Doubtfire” premiere before zooming out to reveal the now-adult child stars smiling and holding hands.

“Love you all,” Pierce said, as he joined the group on camera. “It’s so good to be a part of your lives.”

“Our stepdad,” Mara joked, referencing Pierce’s role as the new boyfriend to Sally Field’s matriarch.

The milestone reunion wasn’t a total surprise for some fans. Earlier this week, Lisa teased her social media followers with an Instagram video on her way to Los Angeles and hinted that she was meeting with “a couple of fake siblings.”

While the 39-year-old didn’t continue her Hollywood career into adulthood, she clearly still keeps her showbiz days close to her heart. Earlier this month, Lisa told “Today” about the valuable experience she had working with an on-screen brother and sister and how much that meant to her as an only child. 

“I felt like I met my siblings for the first time,” she said, adding that the three of them “just felt like family” from the start.

“I feel like that chemistry was very obvious,” she added.

Robin Williams, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence and Mara Wilson in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ in 1993

(Twentieth Century Fox)

Robin Williams’ tragic death in 2014 leaves an understandably bittersweet absence among the cast, but Lisa touched upon the lasting impression he left during their time on set.

Unsurprisingly, the late comedy icon was so convincing in his title role that he even fooled Lisa and her on-screen brother before shooting even began.

“[Director] Chris Columbus, when we were doing rehearsals for the movie, introduced us to his ‘mother,’ and it was actually Mrs. Doubtfire,” Lisa told “Today.” “So, Matt and I had already had the experience of thinking that Mrs. Doubtfire was just sort of this older woman that we were just chatting with, and then realizing that it was Robin.”

— Erin Biglow