It’s been three months since the world learned that Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker, and reports about the goings-on in this relationship have only gotten more bizarre with time.  

Most of the weirdness centers around the fact that Felker is still married to a woman named Staci Nelson.

Miranda Lambert, Staci Felker Split

Nelson has become something of a hero to jilted spouses everywhere, thanks to the grace and humor with which she’s handled her inarguably sh-tty situation.

Obviously, it’s unfair to blame Lambert for Felker’s infidelity, but as the most high-profile figure in this love triangle, she’s attracted a good deal of criticism from the very start.

And the latest reports about Lambert’s behavior toward Nelson are unlikely to do her reputation any favors.

Currently, Lambert and Felker are on tour together with his Turnpike Troubadours serving as her opening act.

Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker Split

Insiders close to the situation claim that Felker has been in non-stop contact with Nelson, and has promised her that once the tour is over, he’ll promptly end his relationship with Lambert and devote himself to winning her back.

For obvious reasons, Lambert is reportedly less than thrilled by these rumors.

And it seems she’s decided to take matters into her own hands by attempting to contact Nelson, who is understandably not terribly eager to chat with her husband’s girlfriend.

But apparently, she is happy to out Lambert for her distressingly stalker-ish behavior.

According to Nelson, Lambert called her phone 22 times in two days last week.

Radar Online reports that Nelson recently posted an Instagram story which featured a screenshot of her recent missed calls.

Ten were from Felker … the other seven were from Lambert.

“Wife’s number doesn’t change. Seems problematic. 10 times in one night #insecure #rightfully so,” Nelson captioned the pic, adding:

“The other…is the person who is tired of him calling home.”

Needless to say, it’s not a great look for Lambert, or for Felker who also received some bad news this week:

Nelson has publicly vowed that she’ll never take her estranged husband back and intends to begin divorce proceedings as soon as possible.