Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance premiered October 21 on TLC with episodes 1 and 2 in a two-hour special. Let’s take a quick look at the new season’s couples and their backgrounds.

Kalani & Asuelu

Kalini is a 29-year-old Mormon from Orange County, California. Kalini met Asuelu while on vacation in Samoa. Asuelu, 23, worked at the resort where Kalini was staying. Kalini lost her virginity to Asuelu and got pregnant with their son Oscar who is now five-months-old. Kalini’s father already doesn’t like or trust Asuelu and believes he got Kalini pregnant to move to America.

Eric & Leida

Eric is a forty-year-old veteran from Wisconsin, who is divorced and has three daughters of his own. Leida is a twenty-nine-year-old from Indonesia with a five-year-old son. The two of them met on an international website and spend a great deal of time video chatting until he flew to Indonesia to meet her. Eric proposed to Leida after two days. Leida is from a wealthy, high-class neighborhood and adjusting to a middle-class life in America will be a big change for her.

Jonathan & Fernanda

Jonathan, a thirty-two-year-old from North Carolina, met Fernanda, 19, at a club in Mexico. Jonathan proposed to Fernanda after three months but is concerned about their age difference. Jonathan also has a huge adjustment after making the most of his life as a bachelor.

Ashley & Jay

Ashley is thirty-one from Pennsylvania who met Jay, twenty, in Jamaica at a friend’s wedding. Jay found Ashley again on social media and six months later she flew back to Jamaica and spent eight days with Jay. Jay proposed to Ashley and she is hoping the third time is the charm. After two broken engagement, Ashley hopes Jay can put aside his partying side and commit to her and their relationship. Will their relationship survive the age difference as we follow their journey on 90 Day Fiance?

Colt & Larissa

Colt is a thirty-three-year-old self-professed “mama’s boy” from Nevada, who met Larissa, thirty-one from Brazil, on social media. Colt and Larissa decided to meet up in Mexico to get to know each other. Colt proposed to Larissa after five days. However, Colt lives with his mom and faces having to work Larissa into their lifestyle. Larissa seems to have the misconception that all Americans are rich, so Colt’s family worries that she is using him to get to America.

Steve &  Olga

Steve is twenty from Maryland and Olga is twenty from Russia. Steven and Olga met on the beach when she was in the U.S. for the summer. The two were together a month and a half when Olga got pregnant. Olga went back home to Russia, but the two decided to get engaged and raise the baby in the U.S. Steven grew up without his father for most of his life and is determined to be in his son’s life.

These are the new couple’s in the 90 Day Fiance season six line up. Join us on CDL as we follow these couples on their journey to marriage and a future together – or not!