Back in March, Maci Bookout revealed to fans that she’ll appear on an upcoming episode of reality TV’s most brutal series, Naked and Afraid.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the title pretty much says it all.

Two strangers are dropped in the center of a foreign wilderness without a stitch of clothing, and they spend the next three weeks (or however long they last) petrified of the many forces in their immediate environment that could very easily kill them.

Usually, it’s starvation or exposure that sends the contestants home early, but it could just as easily be a bite from a venomous snake or a run in with some irate fire ants.

It’s one of those shows that makes sane viewers wonder why anyone would put themselves through such torment, especially since there’s no cash prize for those who endure the full 21 days.

But there are some folks, like Maci, who watch nude survivalists putting their lives on the line for bragging rights and think, that looks like fun!

Bookout took to Instagram this week to share a first look at her upcoming episode:

“Eeek! Everyone has been asking about my episode of Naked and Afraid,” Maci captioned the above pic.

“Watch the sneak peek inside the new episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm on @discoverychannel @nakedandafraidtv”

The pic was also shared on the official Naked and Afraid Instagram page, along with a caption reading:

“THIS SUNDAY get a super secret peek at our teen mom survivalist during Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm.”

Yes, apparently surviving a relationship with Ryan Edwards wasn’t enough of a challenge for Maci.

You have to tip your hat to a woman who has endured the company of Farrah Abraham on more than one occasion and still wants to test herself even more.

No word yet on where Maci was shipped off to or how long she lasted on the show, but you can bet she was pushed to the limit.

Fortunately, Maci was in good hands.

Her companion on the show is Justin Tuell, a 31-year-old ICU with a background in wilderness survival.

Details about the episode’s air date will be revealed on Sunday.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself of how much Maci has already endured.