Lindsay Lohan isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

Recently, footage of the actress doing a wild hair-flipping
dance at Lohan Beach House Mykonos began to make the round on the internet.

In the video, LiLo is seen dancing onstage, clapping her
hands and flipping her hair as she has a fun time! The vid became an instant
viral hit, being shared on social media countless times over labor day weekend.

But the “Mean Girls” star took it all in stride,
sharing two memes of herself.

In the first video it reads, “Me ten minutes after
being dramatic for no reason:” with the caption reading, “#DoTheLilo.”

She shared another black-and-white version of the video,
which had the music replaced with “Do The Hustle.”

Fans loved that Lindsay was in on the joke, and quickly
sounded off in the comments section of her Instagram.

“Do the LiLo. At least she’s embracing it,” one
fan wrote.

“Lol ur just having a good time. More people should let
loose like that! Everyone needs to stop being so serious! U go, girl!,”
another wrote.

thanks for making me laugh,” another person commented. “Also I want
to go to the Lohan beach house in Mykonos.”

Besides getting her jush on the dance floor, Lindsay has
appeared to be having a great time recently.

She shared a gorgeous snap over the weekend where she’s
rocking glittery white look and long, flowing locks.

“#greekgoddess #queenofhearts,” the caption reads.

In another photo, she poses with one arm up, donning a
silver silk jumpsuit and gold aviators.

“#dance,” she wrote.

LiLo certainly knows how to have a good time!

— Stephanie Swaim