It’s only been eight months since Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, but the 21-year-old cosmetics mogul has wasted no time in getting back to fighting shape.

And by “fighting,” of course, we mean posing for semi-nude selfies.

Kylie is currently in Miami for the 21st birthday of her longtime BFF Jordyn Woods.

And naturally, she took the time to pose for a bikini pic on the balcony of a room that probably costs more per night than most 21-year-olds pay for rent each month.

As if being fabulously wealthy and physically flawless weren’t enough, Kylie also proved that she’s some sort of super-mom by bringing her daughter along but not letting that interfere with showing her friend a good time.

“Kylie wanted to bring Stormi along because she doesn’t like to be without her for more than a day,” a source told E! News.

“Kylie and Jordyn wanted a quick girls getaway to Miami to continue to celebrate Jordyn’s birthday.

“They partied at LIV because Kylie wanted to make sure Jordyn got the full ’21st birthday’ experience, but spent the rest of the time in Miami relaxing.”

You know how you stress about balancing your work, social, and family lives?

Yeah, Kylie has never had that problem — but to be fair, that’s mainly because she’s rich.

Yes, it’s worth pointing out that while we’re sure she’ll eventually market a fitness app so that other new moms can learn from her “weight loss journey” or whatever, the most important weapons in Kylie’s arsenal are her wealth and her youth.

Kylie is almost a billionaire, and she just turned 21 in August.

When you’re that young and that rich, there’s really nothing that’s off limits to you.

You can give birth to a child and still have a perfectly flat stomach a few months later.

You can take your friend to Miami for her birthday, bring your baby along, and still go clubbing at night, because you can afford the army of nannies necessary to make that happen.

We’re not trying to take away from Kylie’s accomplishments — building a $900 million business empire is nothing to sneeze at.

We’re just saying not to feel too bad if you’re not firing on all cylinders¬†110 percent of the time like she is.

After all, we weren’t all lucky enough to have an Olympian as a dad and one of the world’s top marketing gurus as a mom.