It’s been over two years since Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick ended their relationship, and everyone seems to be in agreement that it was the best move for both parties.

Everyone that is, except for Kourtney’s most famous sister.

Kim, Scott, Kourtney

Actually, at this point, we should probably clarify that we’re talking about Kim, not Kylie when we refer to the most famous Kard clan sibling.

Anyway, Kim apparently feels that Scott and Kourtney are perfect for each other.

In fact, one source claims Kiki would love nothing more than if Kourt wound up with her oft-intoxicated baby daddy.

“Kim really likes Scott and the family as a whole has a lot of respect for him,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“She doesn’t anticipate it and is not pressuring Scott or Kourtney to get back together, but they both know that she would be completely on board if they ever decided to rekindle their romance.”

Yes, despite the decade of BS Scott dragged Kourtney through, it seems Kim only remembers the good times.

We’re assuming, of course, that there were some good times, and they just never took place while the cameras were rolling.

“They would definitely have Kim’s blessing,” the insider continues.

“She is going to let them make those decisions though if they ever get to that point, and she loves that her sister and Scott have been able to find other important relationships since they broke up.” 

Apparently, Kim understands that the logistics of a Scott-Kourtney reconciliation would be tricky, especially since Disick is still dating Sophia Richie.

Despite that, she still envisions a future in which the parents of Mason, Penelope and Reign find their way back to one another.

“She really feels that Scott and Kourtney are soulmates,” the insider adds.

Yeah, we’re sure Kourt fully appreciates Kim complicating her life with such nonsense.

Especially since Kim and Kourtney are feuding at the moment (or at least pretending to for the sake of KUWTK ratings), now seems like a great time to persistently push the worst idea in the world.

By all accounts, Scott has been working on himself, and those who know the Lord best say he’s made real progress.

It seems like he and Kourtney are fine folks on their own, but simply don’t work well as a couple.

And the sooner they come to terms with that, the better for all involved, especially their kids.