Kim Fields is saying goodbye to her friend and “Facts of Life” co-star Charlotte Rae. 

Rae passed away on August 5 at 92 years old and was a beloved star, famous for her role as housekeeper/den mother Mrs. Garrett on both “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life.”

Kim shared the following statement with Access about the loss of her co-star. 

“Charlotte Rae was an indelible force of spirit and that is what she brought to to every character she portrayed. Part of that came from her extensive theater training, most came from her passion for what she loved to do and the greatest part was just simply her light. With an infectious smile and nurturing heart full of kindness and determination, Charlotte generously gave of herself as an artist, a performer and as a friend. Though she was always (and I mean ALWAYS) busy working, she made sure to make time for her family and friends who were to her:  treasures. My family and I are blessed to have been one of her treasures,” Kim shared.  

“While she will be missed on a level I can’t even quantify,  I am very happy knowing that she knew how much she was loved. She knew how well the show that SHE was the star of, was regarded. She knew she was a legend. And although she would never use those labels about herself, she knew that she was at the head of something that would impact generations. And her unique gift did. I am happy to know that she got her honors and her “flowers” while she was still with us,” Kim continued. 

She will be missed more than I could ever say. Rest well, dear friend. Lots of love, Kimmy”

Rest in peace, Charlotte Rae.