The Internet has been shaken to its core after a Justin Bieber lookalike was seen eating a burrito watermelon-style. While at first the Internet was certain that this was indeed the Canadian crooner in the photo, his recent hair color seems to point to the fact that we have a Bieber doppelgänger on our hands. 

But what’s more? The Internet just cannot get over how this person was enjoying eating their burrito. Instead of eating the burrito the —err — normal way, the mystery Bieber was going in for a big bite in the MIDDLE of the burrito. Now, most of us burrito enthusiasts know it is imperative to eat a burrito top to bottom for the cleanest result.

So, it was tough to fathom how Justin (or his twin) could go about eating this burrito with such reckless abandon – And the Internet of course had to comment.

While this burrito criminal doesn’t appear to be Justin, there’s one thing we do know — Justin LOVES a good sandwich.

The real Biebs was seen in California showing some love to one of his (and David Beckham’s) fav spots in Hollywood, Fat Sal’s. He got himself the legendary Fat Texas BBQ sandwich and took photos with fans while he waited for his large meal to be prepared. He even refused to let the restaurant comp his sandwich, insisted on paying for his meal, according to a source at the restaurant. 

Justin Bieber

Clearly the actual Justin is the real-deal foodie, so he probably knows how to treat a burrito with the proper respect!