Though a report claims that Justin Bieber is insisting that Hailey Baldwin have a boring bachelorette party, there’s one issue where he’s unwilling to put his foot down.

When Justin and Hailey got their marriage license, they didn’t have a prenup.

A report says that he isn’t listening to his managers about getting a postnup, either. That could cost him a literal fortune.

RadarOnline reports that Justin doesn’t want a postnup for his marriage with Hailey.

“His management is fuming and are scrambling to get a postnup drafted for Hailey to sign,” the insider claims.

They’ve explained the importance of this, “but they’re both not listening.”

“He’s crazy about Hailey,” the source explains. “And is completely exposing himself to financial ruins.”

We think that financial ruin, which should be singular unless you’re talking about an ancient bank unearthed by archaeologists, is hyperbolic.

Justin is said to be worth a couple hundred million dollars or so. Even if he loses half of that … he’d still be incredibly wealthy.

“This entire marriage and the no prenup, had to have been Hailey’s idea,” the insider speculates.

That’s quite a theory, especially since Justin popped the question.

The source then claims: “Justin wouldn’t rush into something this big on a whim.”

Wait … really? Because this is the guy who cancelled his tour last year with zero notice. This is the dude who is covered in 100 hours of tattoos.

At this point, Justin is arguably more whim than man.

“His team is desperately pleading with him to understand the scope of this situation,” the insider laments.

“And,” the source adds, they “are asking his father to knock some sense into him.”

That is awkwardly phrased — of course, no one on Justin’s team is soliciting violence from anyone.

But we understand that he may view his marriage as something wholly separate from his work, and feel that it’s not their business.

Perhaps his family’s impassioned words can get through to him.

It wasn’t long ago that we reported that TMZ was assured that Justin and Hailey would sign a prenup.

(It’s really a postnup, but they don’t consider themselves married until the wedding, even though they got their marriage license on September 13)

Though we’re inclined to believe that TMZ was serious about checking their sources, we think that both reports could be “true.”

TMZ may have been assured by someone close to Justin’s team that he and Hailey are going to agree to a fair financial safeguard.

But it’s possible that Justin, who is head over heels and has honestly always struck fans as a little dumb, is balking at the idea more than expected.

We don’t buy into the narrative that Hailey is a conniving schemer who wants Justin’s money.

There are less obnoxious rich guys out there. Hailey is an unspeakably gorgeous model with a famous name. She could have anyone.

She is genuinely in love with Justin.

And while her few million in net worth is a drop in the bucket beside Justin’s fortune, there’s just no way that she’s marrying him for the money.

That’s not who she is as a person.

She is, at worst, a lovestruck fool.

So are they going to sign something to keep Hailey from taking half of Justin’s assets “if” they divorce?

We don’t know.

That may depend upon whether Justin’s family can get through to him, if he’s really unwilling to ask Hailey to sign the paperwork.

it’s an awkward situation.

Besides, when you’re in love and may also believe that your impending marriage is divinely ordained, it’s easy to believe that it will never end.