Jenelle Evans has a history of subtweeting her Teen Mom 2 co-stars, often talking major trash from beneath a protective blanket of plausible deniability.

It’s a cowardly move from a woman who fancies herself the ultimate badass, but nothing Jenelle does really surprises us anymore,

Her latest target is Chelsea Houska, aka one of the most beloved reality stars on television and someone you really shouldn’t mess with if you’re a universally-reviled villain like Jenelle Evans.

Chelsea recently shared a photo of herself (below) sporting some new hair extensions.

And naturally, Jenelle had to seize the opportunity to talk some trash.

“Only get leave in extensions if you want your hair super thin and falling out after 3-4 months,” Evans tweeted.

Now, Chelsea is the least dramatic of the Teen Moms, and she’s been open about how fatigued she is by the constant bickering among the cast.

As such, she very rarely engages in any social media trash talk.

Fortunately, Chelsea has a badass dad who’s willing to clap back on her behalf.

Randy Houska tweeted the below photo yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“Dammit @ChelseaHouska !! You should have told me not to get extensions last year! Look how super thin my hair is now!!!!!”

Naturally, Jenelle took advantage of that plausible deniability we were talking about and very unconvincingly denied that she was talking about Chelsea in her original tweet:

“Can’t tweet something without someone thinking it’s about them.  #IfTheShoeFits”

“If the shoe fits” is an idiom that’s generally used to confirm you are talking about a specific person, but we don’t expect Jenelle to understand that any more than we expect ourselves to understand anything she tweets.

Eventually, the woman who put in the extensions was asked if the procedure can result in hair loss.

“Not as long as it is done correctly” she responded.

She also revealed that the extensions Chelsea got “can last up to 6 months with proper care.”

Jenelle copped to undergoing a similar procedure recently, leading one fan to ask:

“So why talk sh-t when you’ve done it before???”

It’s a very solid question.

“Cuz I won’t ever do it again…. duh,” Evans replied.

“Lol my hair got SO THIN and it was to my shoulders. I cried. David cut them out when he met me. They were sewed in. Then I got beaded ones and that was bad too.”

Wait … David Eason cut out Jenelle’s hair extensions when they started dating?

Sounds like something out a redneck Bible story.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of the extent to which hair is the least of Jenelle’s problems.