Japan’s Princess Ayako just gave up everything in the name of love! 

All romantics prepare yourselves, because this real life love story is about to sound like the plot of the next Netflix rom-com.

Princess Ayako of Japan, daughter of Emperor Akihito’s cousin, gave up her royal status on Monday in order marry her love, Kei Moriya, a commoner that works for a shipping company.

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The couple exchanged vows on Monday, October 29 at Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine and looked completely in love as they made their way to their ceremony. 

Princess Ayako, 28, was stunning in a light yellow-colored uchiki kimono, which was embroidered with pink flowers and green leavesShe wore her hair back in a tradition style and also carried a fan. Her groom looked classic in a black morning coat and pin-striped suit pants. He donned a silk hat to polish off his westernized look. 

While the day was dreamy, what Ayako had to do in order to get there may be even dreamier. 

In Japanese law and custom, women who marry into the royal family will gain imperial status, but a woman within the royal family that decides to marry a commoner (like Ayako) must give up their royal title forever.

Another key difference? British women within the royal family can inherit the crown and become reigning monarchs. In Japan, the monarchy still operates on a patriarchal system.

In May of next year, Emperor Akihito plans to abdicate the thrown and his eldest son, Prince Nahruhito, will take his place.

Back to the love story; it appears that Ayako was happy to hand over her Princess status to marry her one true love!

“I am filled with happiness,” she said according to USA Today after her wedding ceremony.

Ayako won’t be the first Japanese royal to hand in the crown for love come 2020! Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of the emperor, plans to marry Kei Komuro, a commoner who is a paralegal in Tokyo!

So it must be true, love conquers all!