Jamie Lynn Spears & Ivey

Jamie Lynn Spears holds onto her daughter, Ivey, at her big sister Britney Spears’ concert in Texas on October 20, 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

We have another Britney Spears fan in the house — her niece, Ivey! 

Jamie Lynn Spears hit her big sister Britney’s concert in Austin, Texas, over the weekend and she brought along her baby daughter, Ivey. Ivey was outfitted in an adorable set of pink headphones and was totally jamming out in the front of the concert. Jamie Lynn was holding her 6-month-old daughter as she bopped and bobbed to Britney’s hits. She posted a video of the adorable moment and captioned it, “Ivey’s first time seeing her Auntie Britney💕.”

Clearly Ivey had a good time at the concert — because Jamie Lynn later posted a photo of her daughter completely asleep in her blanket. 

Jamie Lynn hit the concert with her husband, Jamie Watson and her daughter from a previous marriage, Maddie. Maddie, 10, also seemed to be having a blast watching Aunt Britney on stage. She was seen smiling in the crowd and dancing along, as well. 

And Jamie Lynn didn’t hold back on the social media posts either! She shared several sweet snaps on her Instagram Story and on her IG, including a sweet photo where her husband is seeming whispering a secret in her ear. 

She later shared on her Instagram Story that she’s always looked up to her big sister, and now she’s glad her daughters get to look up to her too. 

Talk about a top night for the Spears crew!

Also, it will be pretty easy for Ivey to rock out again soon! Britney is headed back to Las Vegas for a new residency at the Park MGM Las Vegas. Tickets go on sale Oct. 26! 

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