Justin Bieber Debuts New Slick Hairdo & The Internet Is Shook

Did Justin Bieber just explain why he was crying on the side of a New York City street this week? 

Bieber posted a video on his Instagram account late on Thursday with a sermon from his pastor where the pastor addressed the fact that you could pray “anytime” and “anywhere”especially when you’re feeling anxious. The sermon seems to hint that Bieber may have been feeling anxious and so he took the time to sit back and pray. 

Photos surfaced earlier this week of the “Believe” singer with his head in his hands on the side of a street while his new fiancée Hailey Baldwin seems to be comforting him. 

“I need that peace. I am tired of anxiety playing a significant role in my life. I can be anxious for nothing. How? In everything,” the pastor begins. “When do you pray, where do you pray and what do you pray about? Everywhere! Anywhere. Anytime. You can talk to God. He is not far. He is near and he is listening.” 

“Ask him to be real. Ask him to show himself. Ask him to move into your neighborhood. In everything, we can talk to God. I could argue that if you don’t know God, you should talk to God more than those who do,” the sermon concludes. 

Bieber was also asked about why he was crying in an interview with TMZ and he told the outlet that “good days and bad days.” 

“You got good days and you got bad days,” he said. “It’s not real if it doesn’t have any bad days.”

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