Rob Delaney is expecting another baby with his wife after their son’s tragic death.

The “Catastrophe” star revealed his wife Leah is pregnant on Saturday morning in tweet supporting those marching in the U.K. for the National Health Service. The news comes five months after the couple’s 2-year-old son Henry died of a brain tumor in January.

“Just had 2 typically wonderful @NHSEnglandLDN midwives visit my pregnant wife & I for a home birth assessment,” Rob wrote on Twitter. “Love to all marching for the NHS today…”

The couple’s son Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016 and underwent surgery to remove it in early 2017. However, the cancer later returned that fall.

In February, Rob announced that Henry had died in an emotional letter to fans on Facebook.

“Henry was a joy. He was smart, funny, and mischievous and we had so many wonderful adventures together, particularly after he’d moved home following fifteen months living in hospitals,” the comedian wrote in part. “His tumor and surgery left him with significant physical disabilities, but he quickly learned sign language and developed his own method of getting from A to B shuffling on his beautiful little bum. His drive to live and to love and to connect was profound.”

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Rob and his wife are also parents to two other sons.

— Gabi Duncan