Ariana Grande is so fetch!

The singer has been seemingly teasing what will most likely
be her most iconic music video ever for her hit, “Thank U, Next.”

It appears that Regina George and the rest of the plastics
will be making appearances in vid.

Ari took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself
dressed up as Rachel McAdams’ iconic character, Regina George.

The pop star shared a photo of herself in blonde hair,
rocking Regina’s iconic outfit, complete with a tank that reads, “A little
bit dramatic,” and a Louis Vuitton purse.

“You’re like really pretty,” she wrote.

Ari’s plastics squad included “Dynasty” star
Elizabeth Gillies as Cady Heron and the OG Aaron Samuels himself aka Jonathan

The singer’s “Burn Book” looks authentic, but the
words on the book have been replaces with “Thank U, Next.”

It seems like “Thank U, Next” will have a bunch of
iconic teen movie references in it.

Including an homage to “Bring It On.”

As well as “Legally Blonde”!

Who else is super excited to see the video for “Thank
U, Next”?!

— Stephanie Swaim