Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick attends FOX’s Teen Choice Awards at The Forum on August 12, 2018 in Inglewood, Calif. (Credit: Getty)

In your face Ryan Reynolds!

Well, that’s what Anna Kendrick had to say after she beat the Ryan for Choice Twit at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. 

Anna took the stage after she won Choice Comedy Movie Actress and on her way to the stage she heard she won Choice Twit for her incredible wit and wisdom on her Twitter account. 

“Did I just win Choice Twit,” Anna asked the crowd. 

Then she went on to say what an honor it was to win the Twit award considering the competition with Kumail Nanjiani, Mindy Kaling and Ryan Reynolds. But she made sure to shade Ryan after totally beating him for the big award. 

“The Twitter thing, I have so much fun on Twitter. I know that Ryan Reynolds was nominated. In your face Ryan. Yeah, I beat you! Stay in your lane. Thank you so much,” she shouted!