“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is back – and there’s a lot of ground to cover. From new babies to cheating scandals and family feuds, the upcoming season of the hit E! reality show is set to be its most chaotic yet.

While fans have been “keeping up” with America’s royal family through social media and tabloid gossip, a new promo for the show proves they’re about to find out the truth behind some of the biggest headlines of the year.

Here are the five kraziest takeaways from teaser trailer.

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1. One sister “doesn’t want to be a Kardashian anymore”

The most shocking revelation comes in the trailer’s final seconds – one sister is over the Kardashian life. Who could it be … and why? How does one just erase their Kardashian legacy? These questions will continue to plague and haunt us until August 5.

2. Khloe keeps Kylie’s name “Ky$$$$$!!!!” in her phone contacts

This was truly shocking, as it’s quite simply the most impractical contact name of all time. Why five dollar signs, but just four exclamation points? Surely it’s not for privacy reasons? After all, it’s pretty easy to decipher that “Ky$$$$$!!!!” translates to King Kylie herself.

Oh, and Khloe’s Good American popsocket.

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3. Kourtney kalls Kim a “b**ch”

The few seconds we see of Kourtney and Kim’s heated feud already go down as the most chilling Kardashian confrontation in the show’s decade-long history. A teary-eyed Kourtney storms off, leaving the fight unresolved. This will definitely be the most dramatic season ever.

4. A look at Kim and Kanye’s adorable baby, Chicago

Sorry not sorry, but the Kardashian family makes some very cute kids! Seeing Kim’s softer side after teasing that huge fight with Kourtney is a reminder that family will always come first for the Kardashians.

5. Kim’s ominous narration

We have to discuss Kim’s ominous narration throughout the trailer’s 60 seconds. Why does she introduce herself as Kimberly? Is she trying to indoctrinate us into the house of KKW? We’re both scared and excited at the same time.